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Porsche 930 Turbo 3.0l, 1976

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Daten Data

Typ Type

Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0l

Baujahr Model


Exterior Exterior

silver metallic

Interior Interior

Leather black

Motor Engine

3.0l Boxer Turbocharger

Getriebe Transmission

4-speed manual transmission

Tachostand Mileage

65.258 Miles

Preis Price

139.500 EUR, incl. VAT

Beschreibung Description

We offer an early 1976 Porsche  930 turbo from the first 3.0l turbo-series, first delivered to Portland / USA.

Adding to the luxury options anyhow (powered windows, AC, Radio Blaupunkt Bamberg and full leather interieur) the 1st owner ordered an electrical sunroof and a differential lock.

Total price of the turbo back then were 27.150 USD.

It is an original, unrestored and accident-free, fully matching (engine, gearbox, colour and interieur) 911. No spots of welding anywhere, what shows it`s orinality. The interieur shows a little patina, but in very good condition.

This Turbo comes with a complete documentation from 1st day on. Including window-sticker, service-book, manual and the folder with bills from 1st day on, showing all the mileages and regualary services during the years. In 1977 this Porsche came to California and got serviced from that day on from the Porsche specialist „ANDIAL”.

Finally left to say this turbo is still fun to drive today for an attractive price.

Please watch out: we offer original cars and not reproduced ones. Please check our philosophy on www.karero.de.

We invite you to let the car get checked by your trusted expert.

Sebastian Reimer & Team Karero


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