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About us


The choice of our offered Porsche is based on unrestored, original and authentic conditions. We say keep them original. Originality is not reproduceable and the only chance to listen to the car`s story. When we talk about patina it is about those who aged in dignity, wearing first paint, being in technical and optical collectable condition

Our automotive tradition of authenticity prevents us from offering restored cars. We are appreciated and known in the Porsche classic scene for untouched originals. Unrestored originals have always been more interesting for collectors and as a fact do rare originals have the best value in history of trading cars.

With our offered selection of authentic, original and unrestored Porsches we invite you to follow our experience since decades. Next to value we are totally driven by passion.

Have a look at our showroom in Berlin/Germany. A 10 minute drive from the Tegel (TXL) airport.

Our cars stories are waiting to be told…

… come and listen!

Kind regards

Your Team Karero


The Karero GmbH & Co KG is the consequence of a 25 years lasting passion in Porsche-classics. It started, as it always does, as a hobby. When in the mid`90s the Porsche SWB-chassis turned out to be a classic, we focused on the SWBs from 1965 – 1968. The interest in the LWBs followed right after and some years later even the G-models moved into our focus. The early 3.0 turbos from 1975 -1977 are only some of our favorites, following the early G-model slim bodies.

When the 964s and 993s where sold new in the 1990s, they are today a definitly worth it collectable. Lots of interesting 964s and 993s found their place in our collection.

As it always is with grown up children: the collection was rising… and rising… and rising. After realizing that we could not drive all our Porsche, the idea of Karero was born. Collecting, trading and service classic Porsches. Today we love to drive our cars and live the dream with other Porsche petrolheads around the world.

Karero are the initials of the 3 founders. The decision of the name Karero took maybe 5 seconds and gives you the perfect impression of how we feel: Carrera.


Team Karero