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Porsche 911 T, Sunroof, 1972

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Sunroof-Coupé, Oel Flap, 140 hp MFI

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Daten Data

Typ Type

911 2.4l SD-Coupé

Baujahr Model


Exterior Exterior


Interior Interior

leatherette black

Motor Engine

2.4l Boxer engine

Getriebe Transmission

5-speed manual transmission

Tachostand Mileage

52.100 km

Preis Price

on request

Beschreibung Description

Here we offer a great unrestored original 911 T/E oil flap coupe with electric sunroof and the Bosch mechanical fuel injection (MFI) as it was installed in the E, S and RS models. The car has only been repainted once on the outside in the rare original bahiarot color. Inside the Porsche presents itself in an almost untouched original condition. Technically the Porsche was revised and drives very well. From the performance and also the power delivery, this T-Coupé with 140 hp is very close to the much more powerful 911 S model.


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