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Porsche 911 L Coupé, 1968

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Erstlack, 2. Hand, Matching Numbers

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Daten Data

Typ Type

Porsche 911 L Coupé

Baujahr Model


Exterior Exterior

light ivory

Interior Interior

black leatherette

Motor Engine

2.0l boxer

Getriebe Transmission

5-speed manual transmission

Tachostand Mileage

129.965 Miles

Preis Price

on request, incl. VAT

Beschreibung Description

This beautiful 911 L Coupé SWB from 1968 is one of the last produced models of its kind. Even though it was produced for the American market, it matches the specifics of the European S-model from that same year – excluding the engine block.

Because of tightened emission regulations, PORSCHE stripped the original S-model from its 160PS engine block, substituted it with a 130PS one – and named it 911 L. Other than that, the two models are identical for the most part.

The 911 L still possesses the unparalleled S-model features for example: its interior and exterior trims, the iconic S-model dashboard, 5.5 inch ‘Fuchsfelgen’ as well as stabilizers for the front and rear axles.

This car is suited for sophisticated collectors – as it not only is a categorized as ‘matching number’ (engine block & gearbox) but also still shines in it’s original paint & interior.

Please watch out: we offer original cars and not reproduced ones. Please check our philosophy on www.karero.de. We invite you to let the car get checked by your trusted expert.


Sebastian Reimer & Team Karero

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